Tuesday, September 30, 2008

My J Crew Wishlist

I have wanted this coat since I saw it in their lookbook in August. It came out last week!

This pink bag is gorgeous and comes in kelly green too! J. Crew makes every color work with every season...
This shoes makes my heart melt. I am crazy about bows and these shoes are playful and chic!
And this ruffle dress is unbelievably cool!! I love the ballerina top and the cascading ruffles...

I love all their chunky jewelry!


I am constantly thinking about something creative to write. I think about what inspires me... and unfortunately, at the moment, I feel like all my emotions are directed towards this campaign and the hysteria surrounding it. A certain someone's campaign has turned into a complete freak show and well, I would just rather not waste my time thinking about it anymore.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Emmy's Biggest Losers

Who is this clown?

He gets up and talks about ignorance in action?? And talks about how it's important for people to stand alone, for what they think is right... just had to squeeze in his political views...

What about our President, who isn't scared to stand alone for what he KNOWS is right?

What a bonehead! People like this, are what divides this country.

Orrin Hatch was on a drive one day and stopped by my parent's house to talk. He spoke about how President Bush has made every decision he has made because he is protecting our Country. He is privy to information that actors, comedians, musicians and most people in the US are completely ignorant of.

So, Smothers... if you want ignorance in action, watch Hollywood try to talk politics.

And let's not forget how stupid Sally Field looked last year at the Emmy's.


Red Carpet Bust

Is this year's Emmy Red Carpet some sort of sick joke?

Honestly J-love, bow out with grace!

There are two MAJOR reasons this just DOES NOT work...

Okay... okay... Brooke Shields looks stunning!!

Larry David's daughter looked really cute too :)

So... not a total bust... but pretty dang close. Hopefully some of these peeps redeem themselves with an award!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

The Heart of the Matter

Okay... I just have to share the most amazing song with everyone! It's Don Henley's, Heart of the Matter, covered by India Arie. I heard it the other day in the car and remembered it from the wonderful, Sex and the City movie... and I have absolutely fallen in love... I've even got Nate singing along!

Please... Listen!

India Arie's, Heart of the Matter

Monday, August 11, 2008

Proud To Be...

It was so great to see our wonderful President at the Olympic Games. How cute is the first family?

I am so proud of these guys! Phelps reaction to their win was seriously priceless!

I must say... Nate and I have really loved watching the games. Women's Volleyball was on the other morning and that's obviously NOT in my top ten events to watch. I wanted to head over to Beverly Hills for cupcakes and Nate looked at me in shock and said, "I LOVE women's volleyball! I have always loved it!"

Okay... I just looked at him like, "Is this guy joking?" I think Nate realized I was seriously confused about his love for women's volleyball... so, just to cover up, he said, "Well, I just love all of the Olympics."

Yeah right Nate...

If anyone likes to talk Women's Volleyball... he's your man!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Gold Medal Fashion

Nate and I are both SO excited about the Olympics. It is one of the greatest things a person can do and the perfect opportunity to represent the greatest country in the Universe. Of course, I am swooning over the fabulous Olympic Outfits that the athletes wore in the Opening Ceremonies! They are designed by the wonderful and classic, Ralph Lauren. I must get my hands on this outfit! David Lauren said all pieces are available for purchase!! I can't get over them, simply gorgeous!